Summer Safety Tips

It’s still only July, so we still have quite a few hot days ahead of us. That’s good news for those who enjoy fun in the summer, but we should also take a minute to refresh ourselves on some common dangers and how to avoid them. The National Safety Council provides some good, basic tips that everyone should follow. It may be a little late for their “practice firework safety” advice, but “how to beat the heat” and “water safety for kids” are still particularly apropos. Go out, have fun, get a tan, but stay safe this summer!

Mortgage Rates Still on The Teeter-Totter

Searching for mortgage rates on Google news continues to be a source of amusement, with every other article saying they’re increasing or decreasing. In fact, as the Dayton Business Journal points out, this is the fourth straight week where rate movements have changed direction. This latest change appears to be connected to a drop in U.S. Treasury yields, which, in turn, seems to be connected to publicly traded companies failing to meet earnings expectations. Perhaps they’ll reverse again now that Amazon has announced a surprise profit?

U.S. Housing Market Not Just Back, but Still Booming

This blog has already covered the fact that the U.S. housing market has fully recovered, and is now above previous highs from 8 years ago. Also, it’s been mentioned that conditions are different now, and while predicting the future is dangerous outside of parlour games, it seems unlikely that we’re in a bubble. Yesterday, Matt Phillips published an article on Quartz that not only confirms the previous reasoning about why we’re not in a bubble, but adds some analysis of lumber and wood employment, and the building industry in general, which seem to indicate there’s still room to run.