The Future of Buying Might Be Tied to Renting

The Seattle area offers up some interesting insight and trends in real estate that may get traction in the national picture before you know it. In 2014, the hottest properties on the market were apartments. Investors were grabbing rental properties faster than office buildings, and that trend may be matching the market outlook in some areas. Young people are renting for longer before buying, and the job market is strong. Could the Seattle model unfold across the country, creating a seller’s market? Read some more predictions and insights here.

4 Things You Should Know About 1 Million HAMP Mortgages

Up to one million Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) mortgages may be eligible for help through 4 new programs recently announced. Mortgage holders with a good record of payment for 5 years may be eligible to receive assistance to help pay down principle. Other borrowers will have an opportunity to re-amortize to further reduce monthly payments. These changes come before some features of the program are slated for upward adjustments. Check out more info on the issue here, with additional links to check out. 

Psst, Wanna Save $700,000?

Why rent when you can buy? Answer that question and you might be onto something perplexing a lot industry people. Millennials, when asked in a recent survey, said they would rather rent than buy, to the tune of nearly 6 in 10. Only 1 in 4 Millennials today owns a home. That is significantly down from the same age group in previous generations, and begs the question: Why? The answers, like the generation, are very unique. The bottom line is that with the right purchase, many could save upwards of 700k over the course of a 30 year mortgage vs. renting, and that is something to discuss. Read more here.