Best Practices for Dealing with Your HOA

In the 1960s, there were about 500 homeowners associations. Today that number is over 300,000. Chances are you or someone you know live in a community with an HOA. On the good side, HOA rules prevent neighbors from parking their ‘projects’ on the front lawn, and on the other side, they may limit your freedom of choice when it comes to your home. In all cases though, the rules and bylaws are clearly written out, and learning to engage with the HOA board is the first step to a great relationship. Read more about 10 tips to make it happen, here

Pre-inspect Your Home before Your Pre-Inspection

Home inspectors have a job to do; how big that job is might depend on you.  If you are preparing your home for sale, you might want to put in some time and effort before the inspection to improve the results. If the inspector has less to report, the odds are that the report he gives to the potential buyer will be less of a barrier to making the final sale.  There are some common-sense approaches and some interesting tips to consider.  Read more here.

Lower Mortgage Rates Here to Stay, For Now

With Spring on the way (in most parts of the country) and winter behind us, the home shopping season is just starting to warm up. And as usual, one question gets asked more than most, will mortgage rates go up or down? 2014 wasn’t as brisk as some had hoped with weak activity for both sellers and buyers. However, heading into January there were 9 percent fewer homes on the market than in 2014. And the news on mortgage rates is good too. Read more here.